Panoptic Book Services

We offer editing services for all genres. Non-fiction editing includes technical editing and general non-fiction. We work with published and indie authors alike.

We offer general proof reading, copy editing and structural editing. Rates vary based on what the client needs; quotes are available upon contact. Half of pay required up front and is non-refundable. Sample edits may be requested up to 5,000 words.

Proof Reading: This type of editing specializes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This is the very bare-bones for writers who have already had their work cleaned up and just need a double check. The price for this is $1.00 USD per 250 words.

Copy Editing: Proof-reading coupled with sentence structure. This type of editing does not necessarily change the content of the text but simply cleans things up and helps with flow. The price for this is $1.00 USD per 250 words.

Structural Editing: This is a complete, in depth style of editing, up to four rounds if needed. It includes the previous two types of editing as well as looking at the plot and assisting with making everything match from beginning to end. The price for this is $2.00 USD per 250 words.

Sculpting your books to perfection.

Services we offer



 - Premade ebook cover, includes font changes = 60$

 - Custom Cover (ebook only), unlimited revisions, photomanipulation, composite photo, extra effects = 150$ + stock (one main photo)

 - Custom package (custom cover and paperback) = 250$ plus stock

 - Extensive custom package (custom package including more extensive photomanipulation, two versions) = 300$ + stock (may include multiple photos, textures, and/or graphics)

 - Please query for covers with exclusive stock photos.


Promotional graphics:

 - Matching paperback for an ebook cover = 75$

 - Audio book cover = 45$

 - Banners/Cover photos = 45 $

 - 3-D rendered image of your ebook cover = softcover 15 $, bookcover and iphone/tablet 25$

 - Extra alterations = 15 -30$

 - Promo package (Cover Reveal, Banner/Cover photo, reviews promo, other) = 100-150$

 - Discount for more covers in a series.